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ATV TOW STRAPS Breaking News!
Experience peace of mind while towing and winching with Tying it Forward & Afraid Knot Ropes ATV tow & winch straps. Don't settle for straps made of just paracord with an unknown breaking strength when you can have straps that use the same rope as your winch with Canadian made UHMPE ¼” synthetic rope and a tested strength of over 14,500 lbs. Our straps are made with a core of synthetic rope and reinforced with two layers of 550 paracord, ensuring maximum safety and reliability when you need it most.
Customize your straps with your choice of color and weave style, and receive your set in as little as one week. When it comes to your safety and the safety of others, trust Tying it Forward & Afraid Knot Ropes for all your winch and tow needs.  Check out the recent testing video:


With each item handmade in Toronto, these Tow & Winch straps can be customized by colour, and style, and I'll leave room at each end to allow for a change of hardware if you want.  Don’t underestimate the strength that Tying it Forward and Afraid Knot Ropes can bring to your outdoor equipment, enhancing your off road adventures all year round and above all, provide you with the safest tow straps around.

If you’re interested in a set, contact me and I’ll get started tying.

Standard Set - $ 245 Includes Tow & Winch Strap, Key Tether, and two hook holders. 
Shipping ( Max of $ 25 )

Deluxe Set - $ 370 / Max of $ 25 for Shipping
includes Handlebar Grab Strap
Grab Strap purchased separately $ 125 & shipping maxed at $ 25

Can Am Mud Strap / Part # 715003053   

Contact Mike @tyingitforward  or Facebook / Tying it Forward / Mike Long