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Tying it Forward and Afraid Knot Ropes have partnered to create ATV Tow & Winch straps that take on your toughest adventures in style.  Our Tow & Winch Straps have been tested to support up to 12,000 lbs, making these the most reliable, safest and strongest straps on the market today.  Watch this video and see for yourself.


With each item handmade in Toronto, these Tow & Winch straps can be customized by colour, size, style, and we’ve made the eyes large enough to allow for a change of hardware if you want.  Don’t underestimate the strength that Tying it Forward and Afraid Knot Ropes can bring to your outdoor equipment, enhancing your off road adventures all year round and above all, provide you with the safest tow straps around.

If you’re interested in a set, contact me and I’ll get started tying.

Full Set – Includes Tow & Winch Strap, Key Tether, and two hook holders. 

$ 215 + Shipping ( Max of $ 25 )
Handlebar Grab Strap
$ 95 + shipping if separate. (Max of $ 25)

Contact Mike @tyingitforward